Your Website is your Business Frontpage

Posted Sep 28, 2022 by: Jonathan

In the age of social media is a website really that important? Can't I just use a Facebook page or LinkedIn profile for the same purpose? These are some important and engaging questions businesses might ask themselves in 2022. The answer is yes, a website is that important. If you have all the details of an article deep within a newspaper where people can easily find it, is it really that important to also have the article on the front page? Yes. A website is the front page spread for your business. The website is where you draw your audience in, form their first impressions of who you are and what you do, and channel them to the appropriate path for further action.

A website is the front page spread for your business...

Legend had the pleasure of recently completing a project for a large mainframe software company, Chicago Soft. Chicago Soft's clientele include over 100 Fortune 500 companies & they create and maintain solutions important for companies with big data warehouses and expansive networks.

Something as important as a website cannot be boilerplate or follow the rigid structure of a predetermined social media app. Furthermore, a website gives you the freedom to integrate software tools, custom graphics and visual demonstrations in a way that cannot be done anywhere else. A website is your custom made tool to funnel in new customers for your business. Thought about this way, a small investment can yield big results.

These results add up even faster when you layer in business software on top of the website. This is an area where Legend can provide unique value, by integrating a full blown CRM, online payments solution, email marketing platform, and task management apparatus all in one, easy to use application. One single login with all that power at your fingertips. Throw in professional business email for small businesses, and you have a powerfully complete package.

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Building Robust Business Management Solutions

Posted Jun 16, 2022 by: JonathanBuilding Robust Business Management Solutions

It has been our distinct pleasure to develop a number of custom business solutions through the years to directly serve business owners throughout NH and beyond. From member portals, to Internet of Things (IOT) integrated billing, to non-profits tracking donors & volunteers, to full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) systems and reporting for major manufacturers. Our breadth of experience is varied and deep. Most rewarding has been the connections made through the years and the opportunity to impact business owners.

One of our goals at Legend Software is to harness these varied experiences and coalesce these numerous tools built into a single system that can be used by businesses up and down New England and beyond. We feel strongly that we can provide tools that are competitive not only in pricing, but in ease of use, richness of features, hardness of security and most importantly - core value for business. We are excited to report that we've made great progress in this vein and are well on our way to selling a competitive, polished software product that can adapt to serve a variety of interests: from small businesses with hundreds of clients, to value creators invoicing thousands of members, to parks & rec directors servicing signups & payment, to manufacturers tracking work orders & material and more.

Legend Software brings an innovative approach to software that is hard to find elsewhere. We are not bogged down by supporting dying legacy products, or hampered by mountains of inefficient code & processes. We are able to create powerful solutions at competitive cost.

This year we performed a massive upgrade for one of our long-term partners Our Town Energy Alliance. As part of this upgrade we moved their payment systems over to stripe to support secure and up to date payments with credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank account payments. Stripe has minimal fees and a robust, easy to use toolset for refunds, credits, reports etc. Much of this we have integrated directly into Our Town's CRM, so that they can manage members, create invoices, update fuel info, issue member credit or refunds - all from the same space on their website backend.

We provide Our Town with an easy to use toolset to manage their 20,000+ members. They are able to search, sort, and report on these members however is needed. This year we improved the troubleshooting tools available so that Our Town can easily & securely give access to new members without having to provide passwords over the phone.

Included with the Valinor CRM is a bundle of preconfigured dashboards that allow one to quickly & easily see at a glance their invoicing situation, judge member growth, gauge profitability and more. Our aim is to provide value to the business owner, not extraneous technical utilities.

We are very proud of the work we've done for our partners, and excited about the improvements that lie ahead. We look forward to marketing the Valinor CRM product to reach many more additional customers in the near future. If you are interested or have questions please reach out to us here.

Roadmap for Future Updates

  • Complete e-signature plugin. Already documents can be sent for signature. Panel to place location of signature desired in document under construction.
  • Complete productivity plugin with tasks, projects & Kanban board for visual adjustment
  • Develop Microsoft 365 integration option, such that tasks, contacts & emails are sync'd between Microsoft & the Valinor CRM. This will allow fluid interaction between Outlook, Teams, and Microsoft ToDo and the Valinor product suite.

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