Custom Payment and Invoicing Apps

Utilizing industry leading, secure technology from Stripe manage and bill customers all from within your website or app. Setup automatic recurring payments with ACH or credit cards, or send off one-time project invoices with attached PDFs at the click of a button. All financial data is stored securely on Stripe servers according to standards.

This product offers a unique solution different from off the shelf payment software for those who have particular custom billing and management needs. Fine tune your payments and messaging to your particular requirements. Coupled with a powerful member database or Customer Relationship Management app - take control of your management and reporting. Allow customers to easily go to a portal where related order or statement information can be displayed.

 Accept credit card payments online
  Create and send automated, professional looking invoices via email with pdfs attached
  Unlimited admin users. No change in cost for more help. 
  Customize access by role
  Recurring, automatic payments for memberships & ongoing service
  Save reports on clients, invoice history & profitability
  Access app from any device

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The image below showcases an example administrative interface where one can review pending customer invoices, add notes, send receipts, reminders & more.

Example administrative interface showing a client's invoice history

Record company details, add notes

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