How we can help with Microsoft 365

We have a depth of knowledge and experience working with the suite of tools that comes with Microsoft 365. Not sure where to begin? Let us discuss with you to see what tools might be of use and how we can go about implementing. Our strength lies in configuring software and training on best practices and daily use. We are not an IT department, but can assist in referring you to a full IT department such as Mainstay Technologies. For businesses with less than 10 employees, and that don't need regular onsite support, we may be able to help you with a basic Microsoft 365 rollout, training, and quarterly check-ins.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is Microsoft's premier business phone, video chat & meeting software application. We can help configure the service, install the application, and setup related hardware.

Step into the future with cheap digital handsets, meeting units, and voice activated devices.

If you have a larger budget and remote collaboration is a regular and essential part of your work, we recommend Teams Room devices, which make booking rooms, calling participants and transcribing dialogue easy.


SharePoint is a kind of internal website that can be used for a multitude of purposes. One of its most common uses is the storing and sharing of team documents. This is done in tandem with the OneDrive app. SharePoint can also be used for internal news & calendars. Perhaps one of its most powerful and overlooked features is SharePoint's lists - a kind of lightweight database - these lists can be used for all kinds of tracking purposes and function as a lightweight custom app within themselves.

Outlook & Mail

We can help you setup email boxes as well as navigate the settings of the various Outlook and Mail apps that come with Windows and mobile devices.


Nothing beats drawing with the human hand when brainstorming ideas, mapping out new plans, or creating art. For many of us, this is the natural form for creativity and deep thought.

The Whiteboard app for Windows 10 was built with this in mind. When used in tandem with touchscreen devices, it can release your team's full potential.

Uniquely, Whiteboard allows you to collaborate with remote colleagues on the same board. Let us train you on this and the many other features.

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