Your Website is your Business Frontpage

Posted Sep 28, 2022 by: Jonathan

In the age of social media is a website really that important? Can't I just use a Facebook page or LinkedIn profile for the same purpose? These are some important and engaging questions businesses might ask themselves in 2022. The answer is yes, a website is that important. If you have all the details of an article deep within a newspaper where people can easily find it, is it really that important to also have the article on the front page? Yes. A website is the front page spread for your business. The website is where you draw your audience in, form their first impressions of who you are and what you do, and channel them to the appropriate path for further action.

A website is the front page spread for your business...

Legend had the pleasure of recently completing a project for a large mainframe software company, Chicago Soft. Chicago Soft's clientele include over 100 Fortune 500 companies & they create and maintain solutions important for companies with big data warehouses and expansive networks.

Something as important as a website cannot be boilerplate or follow the rigid structure of a predetermined social media app. Furthermore, a website gives you the freedom to integrate software tools, custom graphics and visual demonstrations in a way that cannot be done anywhere else. A website is your custom made tool to funnel in new customers for your business. Thought about this way, a small investment can yield big results.

These results add up even faster when you layer in business software on top of the website. This is an area where Legend can provide unique value, by integrating a full blown CRM, online payments solution, email marketing platform, and task management apparatus all in one, easy to use application. One single login with all that power at your fingertips. Throw in professional business email for small businesses, and you have a powerfully complete package.

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