Staying on Task

In the modern, fast paced world, staying on tasks is more important than ever. Maintaining this with a distributed team or fluid work environment can be difficult. Even more so, pinpointing work outliers and trends over time can be essential to improving efficiencies. Software solutions are able to step into this gap and provide a tool to make work easier.

Deciding on Options

There are a range of options available out there, some of which we outline below. We always start the process of identifying a solution with accurately describing the problem & potential solutions, looking at what is available, and working with the client to decide on what is the best fit.

Legend Software's Kanban & Productivity Suite

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A flat cost solution: same low monthly rate no matter the number of active users in the system. This app allows a fluid arrangement of tasks on custom defined boards & integrates directly with other Legend Software products. It is also built to sync with the Microsoft To-Do app for seamless integration across your work services.

Microsoft Planner

If you utilize Office 365 for your work email, there's a good chance you already have a license to Microsoft Planner. Planner allows you to create "Plans" or projects, and create various custom buckets within those Plans to house & collaborate on tasks. Logins integrate directly with Microsoft 365, so you don't need another account & you can add your colleagues without any extra effort.

Legend Software can assist with the configuration and rollout of Microsoft Planner. We specialize in consulting and training on Microsoft 365 products.


Asana is the forerunner to Microsoft Planner and has all the same features plus more. This is a standalone, 3rd party product and company, with Google email login options. This is an alternative product that's a great fit for those using the Google suite of products, or who want a 3rd party alternative.

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What is Kanban?

Literally "signboard" in Japanese, Kanban was largely pioneered by Toyota in the automotive manufacturing industry. Kanban is a visual method used to maintain work efficiency by allowing one to easily spot buildup of inventory or tasks at any point in the supply chain. This in turn allows one to build teams, processes & procedures that eliminate holdups & single points of failure.

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