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Logo Design

Branding can be an essential piece for businesses and organizations in establishing themselves in a market. This small piece of your online presence can contribute greatly to your success or failure. Consider that first impressions are often lasting - so it is with a business or organization. This tenet is even more true in today's world of media and remote work.

How we can help

Legend Software maintains a team of business, technical and design professionals with real world experience. We can design some items in house, and can act as an advocate on your behalf with contracted designers bidding for your project. We have the expertise to assist in the selection process with these bids, so you don't have to waste your time combing through hundreds of submissions and can instead focus on the best options. Furthermore, with our in house design team, we are able to make edits and file transformations with speed and precision.

The Process
The first step is to understand your business or organization and its goals. From there, we wish to capture any initial impressions or thoughts you might have regarding your logo or branding. If you're not sure, we can help! We have on staff design expertise, and we are also able to utilize a number of online tools where hundreds of designers can bid on your project. We take the pain out of this bid process by setting up the project and providing guidance and feedback where needed. We then will filter through the hundreds of submissions to find the most likely candidates. From that point, we can present options to your team and either select a candidate or take them back for further development.

The Cost

To get quality submissions you have to pay well. For this reason our costs start at $1,000 but can vary depending on particular needs. If you're interested, please reach out, we'd love to discuss!

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