Reports and dashboards 

If you need help creating operational reports, gathering data needed for meetings, or building dashboards to keep track of ongoing projects - we can help.

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What is the difference between Business Intelligence and reports?

In common business lingo reports are straightforward compilations of data in a printable format. They show a very specific set of data that allows one to judge a very specific thing. 

By contrast Business Intelligence (BI) is about enabling intelligent decisions, even when you don't know going in specifically what you're looking for! True BI enables in depth analysis, and not just a printoff of the facts. Good BI will often cause a business leader to ask questions they hadn't thought of before, and then dig into further analysis to find the answer.

How we can help

Our company has expertise in some of the common tools of the trade: SQL, MySQL, Microsoft PowerBI, and Excel. More importantly, we have experience in consulting with clients to discover requirements, figuring out from nothing where the relevant data resides, and building competent Business Intelligence dashboards and reports.

Our process includes the following:

  1. An initial consult to determine goals & first steps
  2. An example BI product based on the consult, to give you a feel for what to expect
  3. An initial agreement to build desired BI & reports
  4. An ongoing relationship to maintain & update reports

Our Software Tools

As always, we like to start with consultation and understanding the environment and task at hand first. Our primary tools include Microsoft PowerBI, and custom PHP reports & dashboards built for a specific product.

Below is an example of what a financial report from PowerBI might look like.

A custom web app report page might look something like the following:

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