How we can help with Zoho CRM

We have a depth of knowledge and experience working with Zoho CRM. Not sure where to begin? Let us discuss with you to see if Zoho might be a good fit. We can help you import your data, customize record columns, add workflows & create custom processes to make your business operations run smoothly.

Data Import

Sometimes the hardest part of a transition is carrying over all the data that has already been painstakingly created over the years.

We can help by using our expertise to translate data between different formats until it is in place correctly on Zoho.


A tool is only useful if your employees can use it! We can help by consulting with you to understand the most relevant areas and then providing onsite or online training courses for your workers. From there, depending on the need, we can act as a resource for ongoing support and schedule regular check-ins.

Custom Workflows

Route records to the proper resources based on status, type of client or whatever fits. Does an item need follow up? No problem! We can help you setup multi-level workflows & processes.

Custom Functions

These are the power tools of Zoho! Underneath the hood of the CRM there is a whole engine of functionality geared specifically for programmers and technical experts. This is not an area for beginners or even veterans of Zoho, but this is where enterprise level customizations & multi-triggered actions can be setup. With our breadth of programming experience, this is where we can especially provide unique service for the burgeoning business.

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