We bring decades of combined technical, consulting, design & business expertise. We've worked with town halls, law firms, large & small manufacturing companies, non-profits, retail stores and more.

No transfer cost for moving existing sites onto our hosting & support. (Note we will need to ensure we can support the site first)

Our Method

Your website is about your business or organization – and the most important piece is to capture what makes that business or organization unique. Our method begins with understanding your ideas & goals and working through how we can translate that into an online canvas that visitors will recognize & flow through.

From there, we will begin a cycle of develop & review. It is important to get concise feedback early and often. This prevents a product from being developed in full that may be great but doesn’t represent the client well. We will start off reviewing design ideas, layout options & directions. Later on we will review actual developed pages. The number of review cycles & detail depends upon your budget & how important the finer details are for your end product.

When we have finished your site, we will give you a chance to complete a final review before going live. This might include sharing with friends or stakeholders. Once we’ve gathered final input, we’ll make needed changes and launch the site with a domain of your choosing.

  • Understand business / organization goals first
  • Professional development and design backed by decades of combined experience
  • Detail oriented review process
  • An agile process geared towards creating value for the client
  • Expertise for custom integrations, including secure payment solutions
  • Ongoing hosting and support: ensure stability and security, and have a reliable team on the line for future changes

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Search Engine Optimization

It is important not only that your site exists, but that it can be found on the web! The basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) include ensuring site and page meta data are properly filled in. Meta data are snippets of code that relate to the content on your site and that allow both human visitors and search engine bots to properly understand the topic & purpose of every page. Every website project we complete will include basic search engine optimization.

Advanced SEO will be performed at request or as part of a larger project. This entails not only checking all the boxes for formatting, but consulting with a client on the intended audience for a site. The intended audience are those people who we want to visit a site in order to provide them information, services or products. We will assist in the formatting of both meta data  and content in such a way that it will be both appealing and easy to find for that audience.


With website analytics, you can see how many visitors are coming to your site, what pages they visit, how long they stay, where they are from and more information. This information can be vital to putting together an appropriate marketing strategy. As part of our premium hosting and support options, we include analytics reporting & consult services.


Ads can be a powerful tool to inject traffic into a website or draw attention to a new product. This must be a careful investment with plenty of time to consult, plan and execute - unfettered ad campaigns can have huge costs. A well executed campaign that targets a high return market can bring great growth and success to a company. While Legend Software is not primarily a marketing agency, we do have the consulting experience and technical know how to run campaigns for smaller businesses, with expertise in both Google & Facebook ads.

Ongoing Hosting & Support Options

We utilize premium cloud servers with locked down security and daily offsite backups. Providers we utilize include Azure & Digital Ocean. As part of your project, we’ll present you with a number of options for the hosting of your site: from low cost, to premium managed hosting, to all inclusive support with updates, maintenance & a rotating 3yr design refresh.

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